BR 24.5T HOP24/HUO Coal Hopper - Grey pre TOPS- Pack A

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British Railways 24.5-ton HOP24 / HUO hopper wagon
Three wagon multi-pack

B333635   Self-contained buffers HOP 24 1/2 marking [route info blanked out]
B335009   Spindle buffers         COAL HOP marking [route info blanked out]
B335539N   Spindle buffers         HOP 24 1/2 marking [route info blanked out]

Common features:

  • Pack of three wagons, each with individual numbers
  • NEM standard coupler pockets
  • Narrow tension lock couplers included
  • RP25.110 darkened profile sets with 14.4mm back-to-backs and 26mm over pinpoints
  • Metal 3-hole disc wagon wheels on metal axles - 12.6mm
  • Designed for easy conversion to P4 and EM gauges
  • Extra fine factory-fitted detail plastic parts and sprung buffers
  • Individual lettering and codes from real wagons for authenticity
  • Very limited run of just 250 Pack

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