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Coil-A / KAV Steel Coil Wagon

Coil-A / KAV Steel Coil Wagon

In the late 1950s/early 1960s, British Railways was out of step with the increase in production of rolled strip steel and as a result, neither the correct type or necessary quantity of wagons were available to British Railways to be able to meet the demands placed upon the system by this traffic. One of two purpose built 21 ton designs, diagram 1/412 covered the building of fifty 21’ 6" four wheel wagons under Lot No. 3450 at Derby, on underframes that were originally intended for the diagram 1/120 21 ton mineral wagons under Lot 3390, due to be numbered in the range B311950-999. All were fitted with roller bearings and vacuum brakes and the steel coils were carried transversely in an 18’ long well, lined with wood; a nylon hood supported by three movable bars keeping the elements at bay.

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